About Us

In March 2009, Langley Door Crazy embarked upon a journey to provide homeowners in British Columbia with the highest quality products at factory direct prices. We offer high-end products at low-end cost, and our customers never have to sacrifice on quality or aesthetic. Approximately 80% of Door Crazy interior and exterior doors are purchased factory direct, allowing us to focus on the renovation market in BC and pass those savings along to our clients (which can average up to 40% from big box retailers!).

Our Head Distribution Center and Factory Direct Retail location is in Port Kells, North Surrey. Our vision is to provide comprehensive overviews and information about our products and their source to homeowners, interior designers and builders. Door Crazy takes pride in sourcing products from leading companies that are recognized internationally, bringing the finest materials to our customers’ doorsteps. For example, Door Crazy is the exclusive factory direct retailer for Australian Number #1 Skin Interior Doors, which are manufactured to Canadian standards.

At Door Crazy, we are dedicated to facilitating renovations and new homes by providing an engaging, tailored approach to home furnishing. Once a customer enters our showroom, our attention is undivided and our extensive skill set is at their disposal until all questions are answered and all needs are met. From discussing options, to choosing final products, from installation to maintenance, we are here every step of the way. Our company motto is transparency, quality, and satisfaction. We will ensure that you receive precisely what you ordered, on time, every time.


Our homes’ home is the planet, so we prioritize purchasing ethical wood products.
 We work with suppliers who are conscious of their ecological footprint and who
 follow the most current practices of renewable, sustainable forestry.


After going through the dedicated time and effort to pick your perfect door, we ensure its proper installation. All doors come pre-finished, and our experienced specialists will handle delivery and installation with the utmost care and precision, and will install your exterior and/or interior trim. To maximize your investment, we also insulate, seal and waterproof all necessary areas to protect your new doors from the outside elements.